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It’s the last week of finals before the exams and I realized I haven’t been doing anything academically productive. This is probably due to the burst of SNK inspiration I’ve been having.

For the sake of my grades I’m turning it off for the meantime. So no tumblr for this week and the next. Gotta keep my scholarship after all. Hahahaha.

I’ll be back after Sept 6 to arrange this and other blogs. The tags are messed up. And the queue is just…argh.

Hopefully I’ll bring back with me new stories and maybe update some of my old series as well.








dat practical armor

I love every aspect of this.

And I would play her in a heartbeat.

They’re really really trying with the new edition. The iconic fighter is also black, and this is the illustration for the “soldier” background:
and this is the new language about character gender:

So the language isn’t ideal but the content is really nice, A-minus for clearly well-intentioned effort. Also, the new iconic Paladin is a Half-Orc, if that means anything to you. I thought it was a nice touch. 
Not to be outdone, the new splatbook for Pathfinder has an explicitly in-canon transgender character and a potion of permanent gender swap. Which, yes, totally enforces the binary gender notion but they’re making an effort. Also I should point out that Pathfinder has been pretty good about racial representation in their art all along, 
On a broader level, I think tabletop RPG’s have been better about representation and rejecting racism and sexism than Fantasy-genre video games for a long time, but people mostly see images of Warcraft female armor and stuff like that, and so that’s what they associate with D&D too. 

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~   7 Paradoxes You May Not Know About Independent Women | Thought Catalog (via mortalhusk)